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Event Additions on July 16th 2019

Just Added Events

Listing Additions

  • Beyond Words – Publishing photography, personal growth, spirituality, self help, personal wellness, children’s books, and more since 1983 out of Hillsboro. Somehow this one slipped past me when putting together the Publishers page, but it’s there now!
  • Everything is Fine – Late in adding this one to the Series page too. Now with it’s 11th show (tonight!), this casual series includes poetry, prose, and etc. No official site or FB page exists (that I’m aware of! Please let me know if I’m wrong!), but you can view all past / present / upcoming events with our site tag, which is what I’ve linked to for now.
  • .:LOOP:. – A quarterly reading series hosted by Corporeal Writing (with an upcoming event on the 20th). Added to the Series page.

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