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Telltale Presents: Let’s Go Home

November 18, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Online, N/A, Portland, OR 97207

Hey, champ! Thanks for checking out Telltale. We are a monthly curated storytelling event for people that like to get vulnerable and take no shit. We are into genuine connection, laughter, heartbreak, poignant moments, and community building. We are solidly in our 5th season.

Although we have generally gone back to doing our shows in person at The Chapel Theatre, there wasn’t an available date for us for November that worked for the crew, so we’re going to do a one off ZOOM ONLY show. No in person version. (We will be back to livestreaming and being in person in December though!) So let’s pretend it’s winter 2020 (gross….) and do this one more time.

At Telltale, you can expect about 8 performers sharing something with you, in the way that feels right to them–so there will be a mix of comedy, stories, music, essays, and more. Your evening will likely include honesty, swear words, enthusiasm, resistance, dark humor, connection….and whatever else you want, since you’ll be chilling in your own living room. Have a drink or not. Eat snacks or not. Wear pajamas. It’s whatever. It’s going to be harder to make new friends, but we are going to still provide a little bit of space for that. You know how hard it is to make new friends as an adult!? Let’s try. There will also be a stellar raffle.

We are specifically focused on stories from people that can get vulnerable but also take no shit, fierce humans that know how to fight the good fight but also like naps and staying home most nights. (Which is a lot of us now?)

This month’s theme is “Let’s Go Home.” Which seemed clever since I’m making everybody stay home for this show again. But also, it’s going to mainly focus on performers that have done the show before but don’t live here or don’t live here anymore! So it’ll be a special treat. Performers will use that theme in their story in some way, or will at least be inspired by it somehow.

The show will take place via zoom. Tickets will be a suggested $10 but as usual, you’ll be welcome to give more or less. The ticket fees are going to be split evenly between the performers after the show. The raffle ticket money will go towards keeping the show running, which we very much appreciate. If you can’t afford it, that’s cool. We want you in the room with us more than we want your money., so just message the show and we will figure it out. Also, if you won’t make it to the show when it’s live, a link will be sent out afterwards so you can watch it on your own time.

Show is at 7pm, It will still involve raffle prizes, community, an awkward intermission, good music, me feeling anxious. . . you know, the basic things you’ve come to expect from us.

Also, we have no room for any oppressive garbage. So there’s that.

I think that covers it. I’ll see you there. I think you’re very cool and the event will be better with you there. I miss your damn face.


Portland, OR 97207


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