We will be listing and accepting events related to protests, rallies, or activism in response to the SCOTUS ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. You can also find similar events here: https://map.womensmarch.com and here: https://map.wewontgoback.com

We will continue to amplify marginalized voices, and welcome all, their ideas, their events, and their words. Our words here are not enough, but we wanted to say we support you and will continue to do so through our actions. Resources for support and relief funds can be found here and here.

For details regarding specific events please contact the organizers or venues. If you are an organizer or venue and would like to reach out to us please feel free to contact us or submit an event using our submission form. We’d love to hear from you!

Submission Deadline: De-Canon + Fonograf Ed. Hybrid-Lit Anthology

Online N/A, Portland

De-Canon resumes its mission of “de-canonizing” by teaming up with Fonograf Editions to publish an anthology of hybrid-literary works by women and nonbinary BIPOC writers. This anthology will explore multimodal forms of writing that navigate the restless intersections of writing, visual art, and other media, and that innovate in their contemplations – and complications – of language and form. Submissions are open from October 1st to December 15, 2021. What is hybridity? What does it mean, and why does it matter now, to pay heed to hybrid modes of writing and art, to confluences of aesthetic mediums, to processes that make visible the seams and in-between spaces of the realms we ‘make’ in? How does the hybrid form potentially re-define “writing”? And, what fuels a…