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Nightswimming :: A 4-week generative lab w/ Lidia Yuknavitch and the Corporeal Squad — begins July 27th

Online N/A, Portland

Nightswimming :: A 4-week generative lab w/ Lidia Yuknavitch and the Corporeal Squad — begins July 27th Nightswimming is a four-week generative lab offering a plunge into narrativity with the Corporeal Squad. Think of it as skinny dipping under the moon, only the water is your imagination and language. Each one-hour session will feature Lidia Yuknavitch in conversation with a member of the squad—Domi Shoemaker, Daniel Isaiah Elder, Katie Guinn, and Anya Pearson—and will include portals we can all write into together. You can sign up for individual sessions, or sign up for the whole bundle at a discount. Week One (7/27) — Domi Shoemaker :: Queer Up — Ever wonder how to mess with language just right, and make your ideas truly reflect what you…


The Prose Poem

IPRC (Independent Publishing Resource Center) 318 SE Main Street #175, Portland

The Prose Poem: This workshop is in person: Masks + Proof of Vaccination Required Register here How can we create poems when we no longer rely upon (or when we free ourselves from) one of poetry’s most powerful tools: the line? In this class, we’ll dive into this question, drawing inspiration from a diverse array of writers as we investigate how to heighten language to create the intensity of a poem within the short space of a paragraph. We’ll also examine writing that defies conventional genre classification, straddling the lines between poetry, fiction and essay. Through in-class exercises, weekly prompts, and supportive discussion of one another’s work, we’ll immerse ourselves in our creative processes, generating our own prose poems and pieces of writing that push…

$65 – $185