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Etan Thomas in Conversation With Dave Zirin

In his new book, Police Brutality and White Supremacy: The Fight Against American Traditions (Edge of Sports), Etan Thomas, an 11-year NBA veteran, weaves together his personal experiences with police violence and white supremacy with multiple interviews of family members of victims of police brutality like exonerated Central Park Five survivor, Raymond Santana, and Rodney King’s daughter, Lora Dene King; as well as activist athletes and other public figures such as Steph Curry, Chuck D, Isiah Thomas, Sue Bird, Jake Tapper, Jemele Hill, Stan Van Gundy, Kyle Korver, Mark Cuban, Rick Strom, and many more. Thomas speaks with retired police officers about their efforts to change policing, and white allies about their experiences with privilege and their ability to influence other white people. Thomas also…

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Jim Tankersley in Conversation With Amy Wang

For over a decade, Jim Tankersley, tax and economics reporter for The New York Times, has been on a journey to understand what the hell happened to the world’s greatest middle-class success story — the post-World War II boom that faded into decades of stagnation and frustration for American workers. In The Riches of This Land (PublicAffairs), Tankersley fuses the story of forgotten Americans — struggling women and men who he met on his journey into the travails of the middle class — with important new economic and political research, providing fresh understanding of how to create a more widespread prosperity. His analysis begins with the revelation that women and minorities played a far more crucial role in building the post-war middle class than today’s…

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