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Benjamin Percy in Conversation With Victor LaValle

It began with a comet… At first, people gazed in wonder at the radiant tear in the sky. A year later, the celestial marvel became a planetary crisis when Earth spun through the comet’s debris field and the sky rained fire. The town of Northfall, Minnesota, will never be the same. Meteors cratered hardwood forests and annihilated homes, and among the wreckage a new metal was discovered. This “omnimetal” has properties that make it world-changing as an energy source… and a weapon. John Frontier — the troubled scion of an iron-ore dynasty in Northfall — returns for his sister’s wedding to find his family embroiled in a cutthroat war to control mineral rights and mining operations. His father rightly suspects foreign leaders and competing corporations…

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Brian Evenson & Benjamin Percy

From Brian Evenson, a modern master of the form, comes Song for the Unraveling of the World (Coffee House), a new short story collection that dexterously walks the tightrope between literary fiction, sci-fi, and horror. Suicide Woods (Graywolf) is the spine-tingling new collection of stories from Benjamin Percy, author of Thrill Me and The Dark Net. Percy is a versatile and propulsive storyteller whose genre-busting novels and stories have ranged from literary to thriller to postapocalyptic.

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