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JAMONDRIA HARRIS: Audiovisual Soundscapes and Live Rounds

all new parts are entire: a circle of audiovisual soundscapes and live rounds from chloe alexandra, c. lavender, and jamondria harris (meroitic). Curated by jamondria harris for their 2020 artist residency at Yale Union. Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020 3pm PDT/6pm EDT Livestreaming on TWITCH C. Lavender is a Brooklyn, New York–based multidisciplinary sound artist, sound healing practitioner, and educator whose work spans live performance, recording, installations, videos, compositions, and workshops. She seeks to create an immersive aural landscape for the listener, an experience which is intensely physical, emotional and ultimately cathartic as noted in a performance review from the Village Voice: “downright iconic, charged with meaning and transgression.” C. Lavender has performed, lectured, and hosted workshops at MoMA, the Guggenheim Museum, the Hirshhorn Museum, the…

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