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Portland Storytellers’ Guild: MORE THAN FOOD: Stories that Have Sustained Us Through the Pandemic

Sometimes you need a story more than food. Let a retired librarian, a favorite grandpa, and a homeschooling mom entertain you with tales that are seeing them through these difficult times. From fantastic lore and witchcraft to personal fables and faux pas, it’s an evening sure to sustain you…at least for the night! Pam Maben believes that our stories tell us who we are and offer us wisdom as we navigate our lives. As a school librarian she was introduced to a wide variety of stories especially folklore and mythology that has been an inexhaustible source of possible ways of looking at the world. She is a member of the Guild of Sacred Storytellers and a part of The Crones storytelling group. Patrick Gannon is…

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Portland Storytellers’ Guild: Jocularity, Jocularity, Jocularity

A Levitatious Evening of Escape It’s a good time for a laugh. Or maybe Two! How About THREE? Join Trish Anderson, Patrick Gannon and Eric Foxman for stories, whether true or maybe-true, which we promise will put a smile on your face. In fact, we guarantee it: if you don’t laugh often during the evening, we’ll give you double your sorrows back! Join us to hear about: the whale that goes boom; ram, lamb, thank you ma’am; criminal M.O.s; and other stories. An evening of jocularity in all its varied richness. Saturday evening, February 6 at 7:00 pm (PST) via Zoom in the comfort of your own home. Click here for Tickets which are just $10 per log-in; as many people can watch as is…

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Portland Storytellers’ Guild: The Sarah Hauser Festival of Stories – Storython –

The  Portland Storytellers Guild will again host our two day Sarah Hauser* Festival of Stories to close our storytelling performance season.    Friday’s performance will be May 31st and Saturday’s performance will be June 1st. Friday evening, May 31. emcee Eric Foxman presents eight of the Guild’s most popular performers – Barb Fankhauser, Edward Hershey, Pam Maben, Gretchen Peterson, Holly Robison, Franz van der Horst and the team of Norm Brecke and Anne Rutherford  The evening’s tales will range far and wide and provide a cross section of styles, themes, and inciteful pictures of life and how we address the challenges that confront us. Saturday evening, June 1, brings again one of the highlights of every Guild season — “Storython” — with a dozen tellers coming to…

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The Season of Expectations — met, or not

Come settle in for an evening of tales of endings that lead, inevitably, to new beginnings. What better way to greet the darkening days of December, than to give yourself the gift on an evening of tales that celebrate the journeys from darkness to light. Of finding gratitude and celebration in the most unlikely places. Come be moved by heroes who dared death in order to preserve life…hear tales of how to let go with grace and how to hang on with joy. Come celebrate the turning of the year, the joy of the solstice and all it promises, with storytellers Barbara Fankhauser, Patrick Gannon, and Rob Luck on this first day of this last month of the year. December 1, 2018. Tickets at the…

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