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Submission Deadline: SHIFT – Transformative Change and Indigenous Arts

The only way to get change is not through the courts or—heaven forbid—the politicians, but through a change of human consciousness and through a change of heart. Only through the arts […] can we really reach each other. ― Leslie Marmon Silko (Laguna Pueblo) EMPOWERMENT, ACTION, LIBERATION The SHIFT – Transformative Change and Indigenous Arts program supports artist and community-driven projects responding to social, environmental or economic justice issues through a Native lens. The program focuses on efforts that are built upon community cultural assets, resilience and strengths and draw increased attention to Native communities, perspectives and challenges, shifting a national narrative of invisibility, misunderstanding and misappropriation. SHIFT provides invaluable resources for project development, production and presentation for the artists and their collaborators. Resistance is its…

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Submission Deadline: LIFT – Early Career Support for Native Artists

We are what we imagine. Our very existence consists in our imagination of ourselves. Our best destiny is to imagine, at least, completely, who and what and that we are. —N. Scott Momaday (Kiowa) NURTURE, ELEVATE, UNFOLD LIFT – Early Career Support for Native Artists program will provide invaluable support to early career Native artists with one-year awards to develop and realize new projects. Support for burgeoning artists is critical in developing fresh voices and envisioning the future of our respective Native practices. LIFT encourages artists to uplift communities, advance positive social change, point courageously toward environmental sustainability, and foster communal meaning making. Following extensive research and strategic planning, LIFT refocuses NACF’s programmatic efforts to expand the potential of emergent Native artists. LIFT consists of…

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Gabrielle Civil reads at PSU

Gabrielle Civil is a black feminist performance artist, originally from Detroit, MI. She has premiered over 40 original solo and collaborative performance works around the world. Her writing has appeared in Small Axe, Obsidian, Asterix, Rain Taxi, and other publications. Civil’s performance memoir, Swallow the Fish, was published by Civil Coping Mechanisms in 2017 and her second book, Experiments in Joy, was released in 2019.

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Trans Voices Fringe Fest

This showcase features independent trans and genderqueer artists exhibiting nontraditional and unconventional vocal expressions. Organized by A Stick And A Stone! LINEUP: Cohabitation of Breaths – Abigail J Hansel of Yolk Sauna & June T Sanders (trans femme audio-visual ambient noise duo from “Idaho”) Porch Cat (grunge-y pop punk / riot grrrl from “Bellingham”) Sibila (industrial dancey synthy noise en español from “Olympia”) DJ Vu (improv / experimental / noise from “Olympia”) ChrisTiana Obeysummer (spoken word from “Seattle”) Mx. Valentino (jazz-folk-punk) Robert Torres (poetry / spoken word) Sefer Raziel (glitch / noise / performance art) Myllo Mae (performance art) Dreams (synthy gay electronic beat rock) A Stick And A Stone (haunting choral experimentations) & More TBA [see also the Facebook event page] In conjunction with…

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The Turnout presents Girls With Heads at The Secret Society

The Turnout presents Girls With Heads at The Secret Society Girls With Heads is a theater showcase made up of female-identified performers. At Girls With Heads, the stage holds space for a rotating cast of women/ladies/femmes to present live music, performance art, poetry and storytelling — all interspersed with a fresh palate cleanser of improvisational comedy. Girls With Heads is about being empowered and unapologetic and welcome on stage. It’s about finding strength and confidence — not only within us, but also within our community. It’s about shining the bright beam of comedy straight at the darkest of our hours. And the result? Well, it’s nothing short of magic. This months theme is SWEET HEAT [Tickets Here]

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