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The Tesla City Stories Season 6 World Premiere

We are so grateful to be back! A monthly night of vintage radio comedy and drama — live onstage in Portland, Oregon! Straight outta 1944! Laughs! Chills! Romance! Danger! Booze! Eats! Cash bar! Live Foley! 1940’s live music! Prizes! Audience participation! New installment of “Blevins to Betsy“. Threatened by crooner Bobby Villanova’s attentions towards Betsy, Blevins takes comfort in the knowledge he’s still first in the hearts of radio fans. He is, isn’t he? “Blevins to Betsy” is a romantic-comedy set in the world of radio. He’s Blevins DeBell, America’s favorite radio star. She’s Betsy Harper, small town girl and production assistant at the TBC. Their fortunes and hearts become entangled when Betsy steps into the figurative shoes of Blevins’s former co-star and wife, Joan…

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Shooflies and Psilocybin

Theatre Vertigo presents a new, short play by ensemble member Heath Hyun Houghton*. Director Asae Dean and choreographer Thien Kim Bui create a sensual and kaleidoscopic multimedia presentation that is part experimental film, part photo essay, part radio play. A young writer, Tae Hoh (Samson Syharath) has recently lost his partner. Through an unlikely encounter with the ghosts of Anita Pallenberg (Jacquelle Davis), who was deeply connected with The Rolling Stones and Peter Orlovsky (Murren Kennedy), a Beat writer and Allen Ginsburg’s longtime partner, Tae Hoh comes to a turning point in this exploration of grief, inspiration and creativity. Featuring the music of Laura Nyro VENUE & TICKETS: Virtual Performances beginning January 31, 2021 FREE event, donations appreciated For more information visit Donations:…

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