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I Am My Story Live

September 11 is an historic day, and as that date approaches, we at The Immigrant Story invite you to join us at an historic event. To commemorate this important occasion, we will present powerful voices of survival and soothing musical accompaniment in a live storytelling event called “I Am My Story: Voices of Hope.” With storytellers from Burundi, Rwanda, Cambodia and Syria, the program focuses on remarkable, first-person tales of courage and fortitude. These brave sagas and resilience in the face of unimaginable atrocities of war and genocide offer hope and inspiration at a time when those qualities are sometimes in short supply. “I Am My Story Live” will also feature performances from world-class musicians. The event, produced in collaboration with the City of Beaverton,…

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I Am My Story: Voices of Hope

The Immigrant Story invites you to visit “I Am My Story: Voices of Hope,” our newest exhibition, opening May 14, 2021, at the Oregon Historical Society. At a moment when our state and the nation are entering a critical period of conversation about the erasure and underrepresentation of people of color, “I Am My Story: Voices of Hope” highlights the experiences of six young women from Africa who have made their homes in Oregon. They are survivors of genocide and war; they have lived through a traumatic break with the past and they face prejudice and injustice in their new home. Their stories offer a window into the struggles experienced by communities of color, worldwide and here in Oregon, and their remarkable resilience and determination.…

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Many Roads to Here

The stories of immigrants and their journeys to the U.S. over countless miles from myriad countries will be streaming on a local radio station under a new collaboration. The Immigrant Story, a Portland based nonprofit, and Portland Radio Project have partnered on the podcast, “Many Roads to Here,” in which immigrants tell, in their own words, their passage to America. Produced by a group of coast-to-coast volunteers, Many Roads to Here utilizes the power of storytelling as immigrants share their hopes, resilience, courage and love. Each episode features one immigrant’s story. Since 2017, The Immigrant Story’s mission was simple: share the stories of immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and Dreamers to foster empathy and build a more inclusive community. After three years of reporting and disseminating…

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DREAMs Deferred Live

Stories have power. We believe the most important stories often come from the immigrant community. Despite the historic Supreme Court ruling in June protecting DACA recipients, some groups continue to challenge the rights of undocumented immigrants. Now is the time to listen to the stories of individuals who have grown up undocumented in the United States. In partnership with the City of Beaverton, The Immigrant Story presents “DREAMs Deferred Live,” a two day event featuring one night of soulful music and another night of moving storytelling by immigrants in our community. To kick off this week long celebration, we invite you to hear five compelling stories told — and lived — by members of our community who grew up with American values without feeling valued…

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The Immigrant Story Live

Stories have power. At The Immigrant Story (TIS), we believe the most important ones originate from within the immigrant community — especially during the current political climate. With that in mind, we cordially invite you to The Immigrant Story Live — a chance to experience the power of storytelling. Sponsored by the City of Beaverton, the event features four compelling, contemporary stories told — and lived — by members of our immigrant community. Join us Wednesday, September 18, 2019, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Beaverton City Library Auditorium, located at 12375 S.W. 5th St. This live event will celebrate our storytellers as well as the broader Welcoming Week, which is designed to bring together immigrants, refugees, and U.S.-born residents to raise awareness…

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