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The Trauma Cleaner

Hello all of you lovely True Crime junkies! Pick up your copy of The Trauma Cleaner and start reading! Then come join us on Sunday, August 11th from 3-5, to discuss the book, snack on yummy treats, drink some wine, and talk True Crime shop! If you want to support the gracious host of our little book club that could, please purchase your copy of The Trauma Cleaner from Books Around the Corner. You can even have it shipped to you for just $5.

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Bryan Denson

The Unabomber was a lone-wolf terrorist who carried out 14 bombings that left 3 people dead and another 23 injured. A cunning genius, he dodged his FBI pursuers for nearly two decades, terrifying Americans from coast to coast. Agent Kathy Puckett, a spy hunter and highly trained psychologist, served as the turning point in the FBI’s efforts to understand the mind of the faceless killer. Her insights helped send more than a hundred agents to a remote cabin in the mountains of western Montana on April 3, 1996. There the FBI captured Theodore J. Kaczynski, engineer of the most notorious bombing spree in U.S. history. Bryan Denson’s The Unabomber (Roaring Brook) is the story of the FBI’s investigation of the Unabomber and the agent who…

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What Is Justice? A Personal Exploration – Bill Denham

Join us for a reading from What is Justice? by Bill Denham. Matthew Avery Solomon and Noel Espinoza were murdered on September 4, 2008. Three men were charged with the crime. In What Is Justice?: A Personal Exploration, author Bill Denham studies the crime and what it reveals about himself and about our broader culture’s pursuit of retributive justice. Incorporating poetry, philosophy, theology, and memoir, Denham suggests an alternative system borne out of our inter-connectedness and reliant on the exercise of our imaginations. What Is Justice?: A Personal Exploration is an engaging, deeply personal, and deeply felt exploration into the meaning of justice. It is an essential and thought-provoking piece. “In death will come, poet Bill Denham attempts the near impossible, coming to terms with the…

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True Crime Book Club

We will be reading The Trial of Lizzie Borden. Receive 15% off your copy by getting it at Books Around the Corner. The attending members have spoken and the June/July book will be The Trial of Lizzie Borden. The tale of Lizzie Borden and fucked up little song, is a case that fascinated my young murderino brain. I never read much about the trial, just mostly spent time on the internet reading about the crime scene and looking at the crime scene photos. Eeek! Needless to say I am excited to read about this trial and the media uproar it caused. Feel free to bring snacks or wine! [see also the Facebook event page]

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Chase Darkness Meetup and Discussion

Folks this month we have selected Billy Jensen’s new book Chase Darkness with Me. It is only available as an audiobook through audible at the moment, but we were all pretty eager to get our hands on it. Good news is the book is pretty short so our next meet up will be May 26th at 3pm. Link to purchase “Chase Darkness With Me” – Anyone is welcome even if they did not listen to the book. We will talk shop about murder and true crime, and if you order our next book The Trial of Lizzie Borden now from Books Around the Corner Stephanie will have it ready for pick up at this meetup on the 26th!

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