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Summer Snack: A Day Party Presented by YGB x Tender Table

YGB and Tender Table are throwing the party of the season on August 4th, SUMMER SNACK! A celebration of our BIPOC community, YGB has curated a killer lineup of performers, musicians, artists, and more. Tender Table will be providing people‚Äôs favorite snacks to keep the good vibes flowing, and have partnered with four local Portland chefs who will be serving up creations just for this event. We can’t wait to see you all on the dance floor and by the chip bowl! HOST *SHRISTA TYREE PERFORMANCES *Burlesque: MS. BRIQ HOUSE *Live Music: VEANA BABY & MANUKA HONEY *DJ: CHUCKK PASTA CHEFS *ARLYN FRANK of Platano Rising *SAKILE J. MITCHELL *RO TAM of Tanglewood Beverage Company *EMILY DASILVA SNACKS You can expect foods like fresh lychee,…

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