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Literary Portland is a community resource for literary events, organizations, and writers in Portland, OR, lovingly created by Old Pal. We are dedicated to serving the literary arts, promoting diverse voices, and creating a safe, welcoming community. If you would like to help out please contact us through one of the methods below.


  • Alex Dannemiller
  • Karolinn Fiscaletti
  • Ryan Mills


To contact a venue, series, or organization please see the respective pages in the main menu above to find their websites.

We’re always happy to hear feedback, suggestions, or about events, whether you’re a venue representative, series host, workshop facilitator, organizer, or just a fan of literature. Feel free to email us directly at one of our emails below. We’d love to hear from you!

If you’d like to submit an event, you can use the form here or the emails below. If emailing, please be sure to include a URL to the listing or all relevant information if no URL is available. Thank you!

DO NOT contact us if you are an organization that wants us to add links to your website for SEO purposes. Especially, if you found us by Googling topics that slightly fit your organization, but do not fit our purposes here. You’re wasting our time and yours. Your emails will be ignored and you will be scorned.