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Livestream Poetry Reading: Gina Williams, Dan Raphael, Christopher Luna

September 14, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Online, N/A, Portland, OR 97207

Annie Bloom’s welcomes local poets Gina Williams, Dan Raphael, and Christopher Luna for a livestream reading from their latest collections.

Livestream registration link: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/poetry-reading-gina

Gina Williams’s An Unwavering Horizon is a finely crafted collection that explores perspectives and understandings often missed in the hustle and crush of everyday life. The beautiful things. The ugly things. The poetry of things. Williams takes an honest, questioning look at the hard realities of the human condition, from family crisis to war to our precarious place in the natural world, while also seeking answers and offering hope for the future. Jonathan Starke, editor of Palooka and author of You’ve Got Something Coming writes, “Williams channels the hardships of existence through a lightning voice of empathy and illumination–pure and crisp and sure of its subjects. The rough love of family, the fleeting nature of memory, the winding road of illness, the harsh screams of war, the sorrow of lost connection, and the ever-eroding hope for a better world.” The highly visual imagery and lyrical, yet grounded poetry of An Unwavering Horizon takes the reader on a satisfying and thought-provoking journey through the natural and human elements of Earth/Truth; Spirit/Power; Air/Love; and Water/Wisdom.

Manything, Dan Raphael’s 21st book, got its title from the wide variety of styles, vocabularies and subjects in the 66 poems within. It begins with a description of the Rapture from downtown Portland and ends talking about cosmological babies with a couple universes of experience and imagination in between. Caliban editor Lawrence Smith writes: “Raphael awakens us to the ecstatic possibility that we might fall right through the sidewalk.”

Portland poet Christopher Luna’s latest collection is Message from the Vessel in a Dream. “How many Christopher Lunas are there? The bard, the community dynamo, the scholar, the compassionate one, the jazz quartet, the father & lover, the world of a man: all and more are speaking in this book. So many perspectives to experience here, so much to learn about literature, attitude, action and beauty. The maestro of Ghost Town has created a bustling, radiant and necessary environment.” – Dan Raphael


Portland, OR 97207


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